A FabLab project is being developed on the CEA Paris-Saclay site to create a collaborative workspace around digital prototyping and additive manufacturing. This place will help developing innovative projects with an agile and collaborative methodology, it will also facilitate sharing knowledge and technical means between communities.

The FabLab will gather in the same place different and complementary approaches of additive manufacturing: associative and recreational, research, engineering, communication, pedagogical, around common projects. This structure will control all stages of digital design (CAD, routing and electronic programming, manufacturing, tests…), to reproduce the conditions of development of projects in a start-up mode, adding the CEA’s corporate dimension (fundamental research, applied research, valorization) and the pedagogical dimension of the INSTN. This place will also host students as part of courses offered by researchers from CEA and INSTN with an immersive approach to learning.
The project will integrate the Fablab network of Paris-Saclay University, which includes: Fablab Digiscope (UPSaclay/LRI/UPSud), La Fabrique (Centrale-SupElec), CoFab (CEA), X-F4B (Ecole Polytechnique), etc. In this network each Fablab has its own identity (teaching, digital, …). The CEA Fablab will develop a complementary expertise around additive manufacturing especially in association with the CEA R&D programs. This will also be achieved thanks to a special collaboration with the Saclay Advanced MANufacturing for Technological Applications platform (SAMANTA CEA-DEN), the Additive Factory Hub initiative and this International Teaching-Research Chair.