The international teaching-research chair “Emerging processes for advanced materials” belongs to a dynamic of knowledge dissemination and skills development in the field of the elaboration and evaluation of materials for nuclear energy and the new technologies of energy and transport.

It aims to:

  • Ensure a strong link between teaching, research and industrial applications
  • Develop and strengthen a high-level of teaching internationally
  • Boost collaborative research on international issues and promote the creation of a community on innovative materials and processes
  • Contribute to advertising material design and development professions to students

The IMPACT chair is part of one of the INSTN Foundation’s main missions, supporting training for low-carbon, nuclear and renewable energies. It is affiliated to the cutting-edge research program of our academic and industrial partners involved in new 2D and 3D technologies, the development of new materials and the complex optimization of their production processes.

This chair is financially supported by the INSTN Foundation for the establishment of a student exchange program at the level of their master’s training, more specifically the Master degree on Materials for Energy and Transport (MET), and also at the level of their PhDs.

As part of this exchange program, the first actions launched concern:

  • A new teaching module in the framework of the MET Master program, focusing on emerging processes for the elaboration of materials.
  • A co-supervised thesis between NTU Singapore and CEAINSTN focused on Green Additive Manufacturing. This thesis will begin before the end of 2019 and the subject will be offered to students who have validated their master degree, especially MET Master. It is planned to finance travel and accommodation expenses over a total of 12 months (divisible into several smaller periods) during the three years of the thesis. Thesis proposal is available here.