SAMANTA Platform
SAMANTA (Saclay Advanced MANfucturing for Technological Applications)

The SAMANTA platform (Saclay Advanced MANfucturing for Technological Applications), located at the CEA Saclay in the Department of Physico-Chemistry of the Nuclear Energy Division (DEN), is equipped with various advanced processes and emerging technologies, such as additive manufacturing and the treatment of vapor phase surfaces with a high ionization rate.

The mission of the platform is to develop highly innovative processes based on an analysis of the technological challenges of the various CEA programs. Indeed, new technologies can inject large amounts of innovation into programs.

The main equipment of the platform is:

  • Four selective laser melting (SLM) machines: one SLM Solutions 280HL, two Trumpf TruPrint 1000 and an internally developed prototype;
  • An electron beam melting (EBM) machine: ARCAM A2;
  • A laser projection machine (DMD: direct metal deposition): OPTOMEC MR-7;
  • Two physical vapor deposition (PVD: Physical Vapor Deposition / PECVD) machines equipped with high power pulsed magnets (HiPIMS) and cathodic arc evaporation;
  • Various stereolithography (STL) rapid prototyping machines and fused wire (FDM).